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Freedom and Rights Progress:

Updated 5-8-18

Plaintiffs filed their Appeal on the denial of due process of law and fraud on the court.

Plaintiffs received word that the Attorney General's office is (FINALLY) investigating the complaints and is sending an investigator to Pagosa Springs March 12, 2018, to obtain all documentation and testimony from plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs filed our Motion to Vacate a Void Judgment due to due process violations and fraud on the court.

All the motions were ignored... that is, we filed an appeal when Judge Wilson ruled against us and awarded attorney fees in contradiction to standing Colorado Statutes preventing that move. We had to file the appeal within a certain window of time in order to preserve our right to appeal. This we did and got it in on the last day we had. On that same last day, Judge Wilson filed an order stating he couldn't respond to the motions we filed because he "lost jurisdiction". We feel this was a ploy to force us to lose our appeal rights by stalling any response we might make. Judge Wilson appears to be in collusion with defendants Todd Starr, Michael Whiting, Steve Wadley and Clifford Lucero.

Todd Starr filed responses to our motions...Defendant's response to motion to stay and Defendant's Response to Motion for Signature Authorization

We filed. . .

11-8-17: The long story is this; Judge Wilson denied every motion we had regarding evidence we entered. The BoCC and Starr have been focusing on collecting attorney fees despite evidence proving they do not legally have right to any, and in fact, the BoCC and Starr should be reimbursing the county for any expenses in stopping county residents from voting on the initiatives, or utilizing their CTSI insurance for that very purpose.

We had an "evidentiary hearing" on October 2, 2017, which turned out to be a kangaroo court process. Judge Wilson changed the normal order of who goes first to allow Todd Starr to present evidence for attorney fees. We then, over the next 4-5 hours, present the entire record of evidence as to why we were right in the ballot initiatives, and why they were not allowed to get attorney fees. This fell on deaf ears.

Here are the latest filings:

Motion for Reconsideration

Motion Questioning Sufficiency of Evidence

Exhibit A

Exhibit B: Regarding the criminal complaint we filed against the county players...

Judge Wilson's Order for Attorney fees: actually supports out evidence and Statutes requirements.

3-27-17: Plaintiff's Motion for Reconsideration of facts in evidence and demand for rebuttal.

Plaintiff's Motion for Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law in response to court finding for Defendants outside due process of law.

The Court and Judge Wilson found for Defendants, ignored pleadings and denied due process of law.

Plaintiff's Response to BoCC/Starr's Motion with delays and empty responses, and challenges, once again Starr and "Rose, Walker and Starr law firm from any representation of this issue

BoCC/Starr Defendant's response to our Motion to Deny

Plaintiff's Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion for Summary Judgment of Plaintiffs

BoCC/Starr Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment filed, ignoring all the relevant statutes and constitutional issues and claiming $75,000 in legal fees be paid to Defendant Starr who is unethically representing the BoCC.

BoCC/Starr Defendant's Motion to Remove to Federal Court was DENIED, by the Federal District Court in Denver, and remanded back to our local court where it initially belongs. (Of course, Starr is being paid for these delays and frivolous filings.

BoCC/Starr Motion to Deny Removal: Defendants frivolous attempt to make this a Federal question - Sent 6-13-16

BoCC/Starr Response to Ballot Initiative suit

BoCC/Starr Ballot Initiative suit filed: 5-5-16 - Service was done by the Sheriff's department.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia - Document requesting Grand Jury convening to investigate the IRS and BLM sent Feb 1, 2016.

  • The complaints have, thus far, been ignored, but with promise of an investigation into this and the other criminal charges against 5 (BoCC members, Starr and Henderson for ethics and violations and statutory violations of law). We will update this page with the results as provided to us.

  • The BoCC/Starr criminal complaint was handed to the Sheriff on 12-16-15. Rather than a civil suit, a criminal complaint is better to begin with on this. Several weeks ago, 5 other criminal complaints were served against the three commissioners, Todd Starr and County administrator Henderson for violations of laws regarding Todd Starr's contract.

To be uploaded here when appropriate

  • BoCC/Starr Ballot Initiative Criminal Complaint
  • BoCC/Todd Star contract Complaint

  • Is driving a privilege, or a right? What do the courts and original intent show? Read this document carefully and use it. Traveling is a RIGHT requiring NO license - "driving" is a commercial act and is a privilege, requiring a license... what are YOU in your personal capacity?

    I would add another point to the doc...

    #7. The alleged drivers' license is a quasi-contract which I signed under false information and without full disclosure, making it void ab initio. I cannot be required to give up my rights through being required to securing a license to "drive commercially" rather than to freely travel. The alleged license is now expired, making the alleged contract and any alleged jurisdiction by the State or other entity over me also expired.

    Or something to that effect if it applies to you...

  • The lawsuit against Archuleta County officials is nearing completion, and will be filed in State Court when completed. This has been a long haul to properly complete the document and keep the case in State court and the feds out of it for now. This is a freedom and constitutional issue of the right of the People to petition their governments. Anyone wishing to help with the costs ($400) to file this can go to the donation link on the left.

  • Here is a video series on the constitution. Short, usually 10 or so minutes each to help you realize the massive fraud being perpetrated on all Americans. This series will self-perpetuate after each one completes, or you can click on the series numbered to the right of each video. You can pause or stop at any time and resume later.

  • Under the Colorado Open Records Law § 24-72-201 to 24-72-309 (et seq.), (or your state freedom of information request laws), you can request copies of lawfully required documents such as an oath of office and bond of all elected officials. Here is a sample request form, and a local Archuleta County Request form.

  • Wow... are things about to break loose. We have groups all across Colorado involved with multiple issues of corruption and fraud being uncovered, and addressed. From insurance and bond fraud, to local slush funds being reported by Archuleta County whistle blowers, to some incredible evidence against various attorneys which will essentially eliminate them from our lives... it is THAT powerful, and you won't believe how it is unfolding. HINT: The ORIGINAL 13th Amendment!

  • Colorado Secretary of State admits voter fraud in Boulder County, Colorado... does nothing about it.

  • We now have a Private Investigator named Wayne Alexander involved with the LPEA "Smart Meter" scam. He is one of the best in the states, and is excellent at collecting data. We also my be using him on a number of other issues involving corruption and fraud in Archuleta County.

  • Here are the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) docs we sent to the District Attorney for District 6, requesting Grand Jury information and contact on criminal activities in Archuleta County.

    1. Todd Risberg District 6 DA-GJ-CORA

    2. Risberg Cora Response (a month late, in violation of Colorado Statutes of 3 days).

    3. Todd Risberg District 6 DA-GJ-CORA and NOTICE of default ( which he received on 1-27-15 and which he is, again, in violation of Colorado Statutes of 3 days, since to date (1-12-16) he has NOT responded.

  • The local "elected" officials played a hiding game on their Oath of Office ceremony which we have been holding them to. The following doc which we Challenged the Oath of Office Ceremony was sent to all involved, and proves most Oaths are invalid in Colorado ( and all other states) and they are hiding from this here, and all across this Republic.

  • LPEA (Our local electric association) is being challenged on their fraudulent actions regarding the so-called "Smart Meters" and we now have a Private Investigator hired and working on this, and likely other projects.

  • We've uncovered a bond and crime insurance fraud by a nationwide group pretty much leaving our elected representatives uncovered by any lawfully required bond, and stealing our local money and using it to make money with but not returning any of it to us.

  • The County Attorney's position is not a lawful position and is in violation of statutes requiring the BOCC to create a referendum and vote on it. We were deprived of our rights to have a say in the hiring process. He's ONLY making about $250,000 a year through this fraudulent position...

  • Ever been in court? They always start things with, "The People of the State of Colorado" versus so and so. We, guess what? "The People of the State of Colorado" is a non existent entity, and has no lawful standing in court. This means every court case that alleges this entity to be involved is bogus and void. See The People of the State of Colorado, The People of Colorado, and People of the State of Colorado unsuable for this evidence. Notice the last one is an actual law suit naming "People of the State of Colorado" and the court denied such an entity cold be sued.

  • Here are two complaint forms you can use for Colorado complaints: CO-AG-Voter Fraud Complaint-2014.pdf and HAVE Complaint Form.

    We completed a series on preparedness which covered all aspects for a society and people to be ready for natural and man-made disasters, or government corruption and tyranny being foisted on the people. Local, community-minded people working together to build self-sufficiency in energy, food, protection, health, community support, education, and much more. Join our meetings Thursday evenings, 6 PM at the Quality Resort, next to Windham Resort, uptown Pagosa. Call 731-9724 for more details on upcoming classes.

    The DA and Asistant DA have ignored our requests for Grand Jury access, so it looks like there is no recourse but to bring suit in District court against all parties, to hold our elected officials accountable and to stop them from depriving the People of Colorado from their rights to access government and the Grand Jury. Suit is being prepared and will be filed soon!

    We completed our 22 week Constitutional class project. You can access this series at National Center for Constitutional Studies

    Docs sent to the District 9 DA and Assistant DA among many others on Grand Jury Access; Do the same in your county where corruption exists!!! We CAN win this and take back our liberty and authority.

    Grand Jury Supreme Court case: Read for yourself the facts of Grand Juries, and realize WHY we are doing what we are doing!

    Recently, we've been made aware of how much our police and military are being militarized by the federal government. It is vital for all to know about this and to know what your local counties have in the way of this equipment. The two links below have details of this. Educate your local people on the equipment that is there for your "confiscation" and use, if necessary, after all YOU paid for it, one way or another. We can only pray that they are seeing the federal encroachment into States and towns as we all are, and are preparing to defend us against that very threat with this very equipment!

    War Gear Flows to Police Departments

    Militarization By County Via The Law Enforcement Support Office

    Mapping the Spread of the Military’s Surplus Gear

    IRS Liens/Levies: The IRS routinely used administrative actions to steal money and other assets from Americans. Their actions are most always illegal and counter to due process and their own rules. The following documents on the site below can be used to refute Notices of Liens with any IRS agent, your county recorder-(Public Response to lien filed in your record), or your bank or other business entity being sent the bogus "Notice of Lien/Levy" which are NOT lawful and perfected documents, and hold no force of law over your bank or other entity. Realize that it is the bank's responsibility to prove the Levy is valid by demanding the required documents from the IRS agent involved in the fraud, or they are legally liable for the damages.

    We are beginning a series of FREE classes on the Constitution for all those wanting to understand how to help take back freedoms and support local, limited government. Classes are continuing at 6 PM at the Quality Resort uptown Pagosa Springs, next to Wyndham, by the lake. If you want your own personal Constitutional Manual that follows the series of videos, these cost $20 (regularly $29.95). These classes are a great tool to implement in taking back your own liberties, and in helping us locally to educate ourselves and neighbors on this vital issue.

    The Common Law Grand Jury process is moving along well. This is a key process for all counties and People to be involved in to take back our freedoms and correct government. Go to National Liberty Alliance for details and to join the process. Stay tuned to June 2 for the New York federal law suit to hold government accountable to its duties to the people.

    WE are proceeding with a law suit against Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners, (BOCC), attorney Todd Starr and County recorder, June Madrid for their part in subverting our rights and Colorado law.. A copy of the suit will be posted as soon as counsel has finished with it.

    We are also working to correct the felony actions of the County Recorder for the filing of IRS or Colorado Department of revenue "Notices of liens" as actual liens. This is a securities fraud and creates a negotiable instrument where none exist. Notice of fraudulent Lien/Levy Documents sent to the BOCC, Todd Starr (attorney) and certified mail to County Recorder June Madrid

    "The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." Dresden James.

    "If A Nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson.

    Maintaining liberty can only be through being educated on things being purposefully withheld from us. This isn't necessarily "easy" but it IS the ONLY way to do it short of armed rebellion against the tyranny we all face. Freedon is NOT free. Research Website: USA: The Republic: Liberty only exists when you KNOW who you are...and act on this truth...STUDY, and download this PDF document on Citizenship, Jurisdiction and Liberty that is compiled from part of the above website. You will be shcoked at what you learn about how ALL Americans have been deceived and enslaved, after the slaves were "freed".

    National Liberty Alliance: Watch the short video, and research this info as well.

    Radio/Communication equipment links; For your local emergency communication grid!

    Legal Notice to BOCC on Initiative rights

    We have almost completed the legal response we are preparing for the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners, (BOCC) and County attorney Todd Starr. Two of the commissioners, along with Todd Starr are refusing to comply with the constitution and Colorado Statutes, so a legal suit may be in the works. We have local counsel, and likely a Denver-based top legal firm ready to take this case, even to the Supreme Court if we need to. Stay tuned for the document we will give to the BOCC.

    We are now moving to also add more control over what the People in Archuleta County have, by bringing a "Home Rule" petition to the voters. The Home Rule will allow the People to create their own rules and laws according to the constitution and liberty standards, and to eliminate unconstitutional and big government power grabs.

    Come to Eagle Mountain Mercantile (uptown Pagosa, in the mall area… they are closing and have great deals…) to sign our Home Rule Petition, 9 AM - 5:30 PM, Mon-Sat., or our Thursday, 6 PM meeting at the Quality Resort. Yes "One" petition, (not 11) to get this before the People so we can progress to the People's will. Write letters to the editor of the Pagosa Sun to defend our liberties and get us back to sane government… (editor@pagosasun.com), and call (264-8300), or email the Board of County Commissioners, (Michael Whiting, whitinginpagosa@yahoo.com, Clifford Lucero, clucero@archuletacounty.org, Steve Wadley (swadley@archuletacounty.org,) and ask Todd Starr why he is resisting the Colorado Statutes… see last week's paper - Todd M. Starr (TStarr@archuletacounty.org), and encourage June Madrid (jmadrid@archuletacounty.org), to stand on her oath of office… all of them actually… and the Colorado statutes), and talk to your friends and family. We have the means to set precedent for all of Colorado (only two are Home Rule so far), but we can certainly help our fellow Coloradans to take back their local government as well.

    Stay tuned, as we will have the details on what "Home Rule" encompasses, but the "jist" of it is that we can establish our own "Charter" that dictates what we allow and do NOT allow in our county, despite various statutes and ordinances which violate constitutional "common law" and our freedoms. Most government statutes and rules are meant to create a revenue stream... taking money from us at every turn. This we will stop because it is killing business, killing jobs and killing our economy.

    1-23-14 Board of County Commissioners meeting: The so-called "work session" the BOCC planned turned out to be just another controlled BOCC meeting, with only 3 minutes for each speaker to present something. This, of course, prevented us from giving any kind of rebuttal of value to them.

    It began by Clifford Lucero (lame duck, so he has nothing to lose by fighting us), read a statement by County Attorney Todd Starr (he didn't have the courage to be there it seems), which reiterated that we did not have any authority to be doing what we did, (but provided zero evidence to prove it… all hearsay), and Clifford was ready to close it down right there, but the other two commissioners wanted discussion. Michael Whiting, to his credit apologized to all for the format, since he, too was thinking it would be tables and real discussion. (By the way, Clifford Lucero was voted chair "again" which seems rather weird, and Michael was, "again," shut out).

    They all seem to be trying hard to steer us away from our ballot initiatives and toward our talk of "Home Rule" for our county (Which Clifford already stated he was against), but this is just trying hard to get us to forget the ballot initiatives, which we are NOT going to do. In fact, a lot of time was spent yesterday, and at last night's meeting creating a document we plan to give, officially, to the BOCC as lawful NOTICE, with request for answers to our legal position, and letting them know we are not dropping this as they obviously want. If this has to go to court, we are prepared to take it there, since every county in the state is being disenfranchised by this issue.

    We are now finalizing a "Lawful NOTICE" letter which will be handed to the BOCC at their next meeting so it is official. This letter will have the laws and statutes we are standing on, and our "argument" which could likely end up in court if they persist in subverting our rights. This letter will be posed on this site when we get it done.


    While we reported earlier that the county agreed with our position, the County attorney, Todd Starr, is still resisting Colorado Statutes, and our right to petition at the county level, so we will be dealing with that in the near future. They ARE now counting and certifying the initiatives, (which must indicate something), and once that occurs, they have 21 days to decide whether to make them law, or bring them to the voters in a special election.


    Here is the Power Point Presentation with the basic law and constitutional support for what we are doing.

    Despite having only about 6 people involved with the collection of signatures, we completed the historic ballot initiatives and handed them in November 26th, to the Archuleta County Recorder's office within 10 minutes of closing. We obtained over 6000 signatures on 11 petitions, and, if they count them as required according to past officials, we have more than enough signatures for all 11 to go before the County Commissioners, or to the voters, whichever is necessary. This process may take some time.

    It took 6 of us approximately 6 hours to complete all the sorting, compiling, counting, printing and final stapling of these documents. Thanks to all those who helped in this constitutional and liberty-restoring process.

    We in Archuleta County, Colorado created 11 ballot initiatives we will be bringing to the Board of County Commissioners, (BOCC) and/or to the voters if the BOCC does not adopt them. Under the Colorado Constitution, We the People have the authority to decide for ourselves locally how we want to govern ourselves.

    Question and Answer talking points for 6 of the more detailed Ballot Initiatives:

    The TenthAmendmentCenter.com wrote a blog on what we are doing in our area with the Liberty Zone.

    The County Commissioners, after some language adjustment, passed the gun rights resolution unanimously in front of a full house, including Sheriff Pete Gonzalez. We will make this available as soon as it is posted. Watch the video HERE!

    We are preparing a second, more encompassing resolution that will protect ALL of our constitutionally-protected rights, and will present it within the next 1-2 weeks for their consideration. We will be discussing this at Thursday's meeting.

    The County Commissioners have drafted a resolution for 2nd Amendment protection. The BOCC meeting to vote on this will be 4-30-13 at 1:30 PM in Pagosa

    Law Enforcement Personnel Overwhelmingly Oppose Obama’s Gun Control Proposals

    Joe Arpaio Bomb Plot: Police Intercept Explosive Device Aimed at Ariz. Sheriff

    Make it a point to spend a little time every week outside the meetings... spending it on liberty and freedom support through educating yourself or others. Use the resources on this website... get the facts on what is happening and be more prepared to help yourself and others.

    You can view the Presentation video we did for our area HERE... (We hope to have a better quality video presentation when funds are available, but the essence of the presentation is easily understood).